In Trentino, Epic Climbs, Mountain Scenery, and Hearty Meals Define Cycling

Trentino is known as the place where Italians go on vacation. Mountains, lakes, art, food, and wine are all in abundance in this friendly and accessible region. Together, my wife Jess and I have had the privilege of spending summers here for many years. She’s an accomplished travel writer and has written about Trentino’s delights for many publications including this interesting overview for American magazine Paste.

For an idea of what to expect, give this a read:

Checklist: Trentino, Italy


You won’t believe the stunning beauty of Trentino.

While culture-seeking globetrotters make tracks en masse to Milan’s duomo and Venice’s canals, another kind of traveler is busy reveling in Trentino’s great outdoors.

For adventure-seekers of all types—hikers and climbers, sailors and cyclists—Trentino is Italy’s most alluring region. Culturally Italian with an Austrian infusion felt most in architecture, cuisine and dialect, the area offers a fascinating mix of Mediterranean and Eastern European flavor combined with wall-to-wall mountains soaring skyward and views of deep blue lakes below.

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