What’s It Like to Cycle in Trentino? Here’s a Peek.

Cycling culture in Trentino runs deep and strong. Not only is the natural beauty and terrain out of this world, the cycling infrastructure and respect for cyclists is unparalleled. Trentino is truly a cyclist’s dream come true.

Legendary Italian cycling champions Francesco Moser and Gilberto Simoni aptly describe the magic in this article for American magazine Paste, written by my wife, travel writer Jess Simpson. During the interview process and in this story, their passion for cycling in this region shines through.

And, p.s., the above image is from cycling in Trentino during winter. Yep, I’m that crazy cyclist.

Cycling Trentino, Italy

Living la dolce vita, pedal after pedal


In Italy’s northern reaches, the mountainous, lake-studded lands of Trentino offer mile after mile of epic single-track cycling paths and roadways. On any given stretch, it’s common to spy more Cannondales and Pinarello cycles than Fiats or Fords. Routes climb peaks made famous by the country’s most prestigious cycling event, Giro d’Italia, then descend river valleys through fields of grapes ripening on the vine.

While there are leisurely rides around the city hubs of Trento and Bolzano and lakes of Garda and Caldonazzo, the true bounty of offerings is geared toward avid riders. This is the place for serious cyclists to challenge their might amongst a tribe of like-minded enthusiasts.

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