Cycle Trentino

A Cyclist’s Dream Comes True

Photo credit: adventure photographer Jason Bagby.

With every push of the pedal, I count the good fortune of experiencing the amazing Trentino region while pursuing a passion for cycling. Through this site, I hope to share that passion with you and encourage you to experience Italy’s beautiful northern area for yourself.

When you visit Trentino for cycling, here’s what you can expect:

When I organize rides with friends, I keep the format as flexible as possible – and recommend you do as well – to optimize weather conditions. Through experience, I’ve learned how to plan rides to match rider aptitude and goals, while always attempting to push us further and offer a challenge.

Days usually begin around 8 a.m. with a huge continental breakfast before departing on bikes around 9 a.m. from our base camp. We ride an average of 50 miles, through varied terrain depending on the group’s goal. This region boasts Italy’s most stunning scenery and epic climbs for cyclists including many peaks made famous by Giro d’Italia.

Beer stop on the way home

Afternoons and rest days offer many choices for off-bike time – as well as for your non-cycling companionsFrom enjoying the sauna and steam room in the hotel’s world-class spa to relaxing by the pool, site-seeing in nearby towns and villages or epic hikes right outside the door.

“On Top of the World” is the feeling of cycling and hiking in this beautiful region of Trentino.

Cycling may be our focus during the day, but we chase as many authentically Italian experiences off the bike as on. Each day, we aim to live la dolce vita like it is our job.

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