What Cyclists Have to Say:

Here’s feedback from a few participants of Cycle Trentino customized cycling camps. We hope you will join the conversation and let us tailor a cycling vacation for you!  

Cyclist enjoys experiencing the heart and soul of Dolomites cycling:
“Just finished a fabulous week of 5-star cycling in the Trentino Dolomites with Matt Simpson! I was looking for three things on this trip: local knowledge, challenging daily routes, and an opportunity to connect with the culture on a personal level. Matt delivered summa cum laude on all three.

He knows the region backwards and forwards and chose courses that challenged me and covered all the iconic climbs and passes. He’s thoroughly plugged in to the regional cycling community, counting among his friends several former (and famous) pros. He is a gregarious host, with personal relationships throughout the local towns and villages that facilitate instant and easy camaraderie for his guests.

Finally, he makes it all super easy by removing the heavy lifting in terms of planning. Just choose a week, contact Matt and let him worry about the details, from hotel (the Alpenrose in Vattaro is awesome: family-run with amazing food, great pool and chic spa) to renting a preposterously affordable world class road bike (De Rosa SK Pininfarina for this guy).

If you’ve always dreamt of an Italian cycling holiday but don’t want to pay out the nose for a tourist package or get stuck riding with someone’s Aunt Sophie, I urge you to contact Matt Simpson and Cycle Trentino!”
– Mark R., Glen Rock, New Jersey, USA

He says, she says. Husband and wife cyclists share their experiences from a one week Cycle Trentino camp: 

“Matt Simpson of Cycle Trentino took my wife and I on an adventure tailored to our differing riding abilities that enveloped us with the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of local friends, the superb flavors of regional cuisine and the joy that comes from combining all these things.  I can’t wait to go back.”
– Michael B., Birmingham, AL, proud Maratona finisher 2015

“I was strictly a mountain biker until my husband and I took a trip to Vattaro. Our guide, Matt Simpson, pieced together the perfect road bike ride for a mountain biker. We went up winding mountains roads with stunning views of the valley, explored charming villages, and enjoyed thrilling descents. On the 60 mile ride I saw more cherry orchards than cars. At one point I wondered whether the pavement through the woods we were riding on was a walking path or a one lane road with no cars. It turns out it was a back road that only the locals know about.

Halfway through our ride, we stopped at a family owned farm with delicious fresh cheese and cream, no wonder, with the dairy cows grazing a few feet from our table. On the ride, Matt gave us bits of history so we could better appreciation the context. I loved being on a bike exploring the area full of castles and vineyards not worrying for a moment where we were or which road took us back to Vattaro. Matt knew so many routes that we had choices, fewer cars and more climbing, or an easier road home for Prosecco at sunset.  We chose more climbing AND Prosecco. It was a perfect vacation.”
– Karen B. – Birmingham, AL

Rider who has participated in cycling training camps around the world enjoys customized solo camp with Cycle Trentino

My camp was 11 days [..and nights!] in Trentino. Highlights included:

• challenging rides – classic climbs
• personal guide
• hospitality
• local community

Trentino is a cyclist’s playground. I have a lot of experience over many years doing dedicated bike camps e.g. Club La Santa Lanzarote, a mixture of group and solo riding e.g. Mallorca, Andalucia, and a lot of pure solo touring e.g. Morrocco, Crete, Cyprus, Corfu, Sicily, Sardinia. My 11 days in Trentino proved to be a different category again. Within 24 hrs I felt part of a local community – the days were filled with fabulous challenging rides and the evenings exploring local Vattaro food and hospitality courtesy of Matt and Jess. Hotel Alpenrose was a community in itself – a family run hotel where after 11 glorious days I may have checked out but will I ever leave…
– Rich Evans, The Mumbles, Swansea, Wales

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